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Great for speech therapy, also! I have found that the Talk-Aid is invaluable in helping students increase volume during conversations and group discussions. Those students using the Talk-Aid appear more confident when speaking, and in some students, I have even noticed improved fluency when using the device!

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It is fun and easy to use. In fact, even those students who do not require the extra assistance of amplified speech frequently ask for a turn using the device. And it's quite sufficiently loud! It comes with a fanny pack waistband and weighs only.

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It comes with 6 AA batteries you can replace with rechargeable, and can be recharged right in the unit! Functional Phonology is Shipping!

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Do you need help working with a late-talking toddler who is also unintelligible? I have a great tool for you! It's my therapy manual Functional Phonology and it's This morning I'm saying something I've waited a long time to hear It's called Are you having a hard time getting a child to play social games with you?

There are 3 common problems we see: 1. A child avoids and tries to getaway.

Help Busy Toddlers Stay and Play! It's a common problem We need a way to No TV, Even for Me!

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This summer I've done some serious soul searching about how I'm spending my time. One of the things my husband and I decided to do was dramatic for us I think it's the idea of beginning again -- getting If you've followed my work for a while, you'll know that I Frequently parents and therapists! If you do, congratulations! You are using evidence-based practice.

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The innovative director of Syneka Marketing sits directly opposite the company's managing director who, she says, has a booming, baritone voice. Unlike many loud talkers, Perera's boss is aware of the problem and is happy to pipe down when asked.

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Loud talkers are a common annoyance on public transport, flights and cinemas. But in the workplace there is no escape from their daily noise pollution. Loud talkers share the most intimate details of their lives while taking personal calls, think out loud and enjoy broadcasting a running commentary on unfolding situations.

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  • Loud talking may be an amusing Seinfeld -like scenario for some workers but a downright annoyance or a nightmare for others. Claire, who did not want her surname revealed, says she talks louder than most because of a hearing impediment. That can be hard when you are partially deaf because you can't hear your own voice. It's not because I'm inconsiderate.