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By doing this, you are forcing yourself to talk to people, which can be one of the biggest problems a lot of people face when they are traveling by themselves. When you travel solo, one of the first mistakes that a lot of travelers make is that they follow the crowds. This is to be somewhat expected; after all, things suddenly feel a little safer if everyone happens to be going to a destination.

However, it doesn't have to be like this. Just because you are alone, it doesn't mean to say that you have to head to all of the tourist traps.

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  • This is the one occasion you have to follow your own nose. You don't have to follow what anyone else wants to do, and for this reason you should be looking to head off the beaten track and really find those local attractions that are untapped by tourists.

    Of course, you need to keep safety in the back of your mind at all times here, but the point we are trying to make is that you have full autonomy to head wherever you want - regardless of how remote it is. Never leave your drinks unattended and never tell strangers where you are staying. If you are walking home make sure that you organise to walk home with the friends you went out with — alternatively — take a taxi or an Uber — no matter how poor you are! If asked if you are travelling alone by a stranger, tell them that you are off to meet with your partner.

    In fact in some countries like India — it can help wearing a fake wedding ring! Finally, some people will approach this experience with utter dread. You might have been used to always traveling with family or friends, and this is a completely new experience for you that throws you out of your comfort zone. However, try and view the positives.

    Backpacking Thailand Guide: Highlights, Travel Tips + More!

    Solo travel has been found to bring the best out of people and even if you're something of an introvert, it's been found that these experiences can change your outlook and make you a much more confident person. Of course, it's not just about personal development, and let's not forget that this is probably set to be one of the most enjoyable and memorable times of your life. Where do you want to go?

    Got a booking for more than 10 of you?

    Backpacking Travel Packing Guide

    Check out group options. No results for undefined. Travelling solo: How to stay safe and have fun 1. Get your insurance sorted Fortunately, the issue of travel insurance has been in the news a lot over recent times and it is a much more understood topic. Choose your luggage wisely Pack lightly! Know the country you are going to Make sure that you're aware of local customs.

    Communicate with your family and friends at home To travel is to be free! However, you should plan at least weeks in Thailand, preferably longer, because there is so much to see and do! Thailand is a Buddhist country and you will see that the locals are very welcoming and friendly towards tourists. However, you should respect the Thai culture as well. This includes a few very simple rules, such as entering temples only barefoot and covering legs and shoulders.

    Unfortunately, some tourists tourists, especially on the islands in the south, often seem to forget this. In general, Thailand is a very safe travel destination, where you as a tourist do not have to worry much. Nevertheless, there are a few famous tourist scams, especially in Bangkok, for which you should be prepared.

    The ULTIMATE Backpacking Europe Travel Guide for | Nomadic Matt

    These can be easily prevented. Avoid Tuk Tuks, negotiate prices for services always in advance, do not believe anyone who tells you the royal palace is closed and be wary of fake products. Besides that, nothing should go wrong on your Thailand vacation. In addition to the cheap flights, you can also travel by night buses and night trains through the country. Note, however, that it can often get incredibly cold due to the air conditioning. Therefore, you should be prepared for it and best have long clothes and an extra jacket with you.

    That way you are independent, you can order taxis via Grab, spontaneously book accommodation and sometimes just do some research. Fortunately, it is also very easy to get mobile internet in Thailand. There are several providers and for just a few Euros you get a few gigabytes of data. The best way to get the SIM card is directly at the airport, as the staff there also know exactly how to activate the cards on tourist cell phones and they even have special tourist offers. For your trip to Thailand, I give you the tip to have some important medicines handy in your luggage.

    These include primarily painkillers as well as stomach and diarrheal medications. Because in Thailand you find a pharmacy with English speaking staff at every corner, where you can buy everything you need in case of emergency.

    21 packing tips for travellers

    In addition, pharmacies and doctors in Asia are much better prepared for the usual tourist diseases in Asia than the doctors in Germany. If you do not travel to remote and rural areas, I would take only a small first aid kit and not much more. If you ever get seriously ill: In the tourist centers of Thailand there are very good hospitals with Western standards, especially in Bangkok. Although none of them are mandatory, many of them are recommended for your safety and health. Of course, a tropical doctor can give you the best advice. In addition to some vaccinations that you might already have from home such as hepatitis A and B , vaccinations against typhoid, rabies and possibly Japanese encephalitis are recommended.

    Country Summaries

    Thailand has a very specific climate different to Europe and before you plan your vacation, you should keep this in mind. In general, the best travel time for Thailand are the months of November to February. At this time, there is winter in Thailand, whereby the temperatures are pleasant and the climate is dry. In spring March to May it gets hotter, while in June the rainy season starts with very humid climate and high humidity, which can last until about October. Of course, the climate is more pleasant in winter. I had no issues visiting Thailand in June and July either.

    Conveniently, it is also much less crowded with tourists during rainy season. Most of the time you have short rain showers a day, which often last only half an hour. Otherwise it is dry. Of course you can still have bad luck on Koh Phi Phi I had a few days of constant rain in the end of July , but things like this can just happen sometimes on your trip.

    I recommend you to pack your bag as lightly as possible. Most people have a habit of packing too much and only use half of it. In general, I would say that even for a longer trip to Thailand, you do not need more than kg of luggage. Therefore, you can limit yourself to the essential while packing your backpack. Thai food is great and you will find amazing food on every corner. Expect, however, that the food is traditionally very spicy.

    Plan Your Trip to Africa

    Fortunately, in the tourist areas, the locals are already used to the taste buds of tourists and will often serve you the dishes rather mild. Nevertheless, it makes sense to mention when ordering the food again to the waiter that you cannot eat spicy food. Better safe than sorry! Of course, Thailand as a tropical destination also has mosquitoes in many places.

    This can be quite exhausting and unpleasant, especially since the low! But what you should always have with you is a good! You can get this in the pharmacies in Europe as well as directly in Thailand. If you use this properly, you should be fine. In Thailand you are exposed to a lot of sunlight. You may not feel this directly in the big cities due to smog or the clouds especially during rainy season , but you should always apply enough sunscreen. The sun is of course particularly aggressive in the tropical regions and you can easily burn your skin.

    Especially for sightseeing in the temples of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, a sarong is incredibly practical. If necessary, I can always put my sarong around my waist to cover my legs to visit temples. In Thailand, people drive on the left! When crossing the street, you should look better in both directions and you should also keep this in mind when renting a scooter. Regarding the accommodations in Thailand, you have an incredibly broad selection.

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    • In the tourist areas of Thailand you will find everything: hostels, guesthouses, hotels, luxury resorts. In general, the north of Thailand is cheaper than the southern islands, where prices can be a bit more expensive but still comparably low. Generally, you get great quality and value for little money everywhere in Thailand. I have traveled to Thailand several times and the country is still one of my absolute favorite countries.

      Here I would like to present you the most amazing attractions and places that you should not miss on your next trip through Thailand. On your trip to Thailand, you should definitely make a trip to the north of the country. While you do not find a bustling metropolis like Bangkok or beautiful beaches like in the south, the north offers great nature, rainforest, mountains, wonderful temples and the best food in the country. Here I would like to introduce you to the four destinations which are most popular for backpackers in northern Thailand.

      Chiang Mai is considered the cultural and spiritual center of Thailand and the city in the north of the country is the perfect starting point to explore the area. Chiang Mai is a real tourist magnet — and with good reason! You can reach the city practically by plane, bus or train and there is plenty to do and experience here.

      You will also find a detailed article here about backpacking Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is known for its unique temples and you should not miss these sights. A real insider tip is also the beautiful and yet undiscovered Wat San Dok temple.